Hello! My name is Greg I’m a 32 year old guy from southern Poland, who makes a living on the Internet. I consider myself one of the happiest people on Earth. 

Although I haven’t won the lottery, I don’t drive fancy cars, nor am I super famous, I have a beautiful wife, two amazing children, loving family, awesome friends, and my job allows me to spend most of my time with them.

My Story

I used to own a small business: selling clothes on marketplaces. Throughout the years, I observed the market, changes, and customer’s attitude to shopping. To put it in different words, I saw the ending in the beginning. I knew that sooner or later I would have to find a new solution to make a living.

When my business fell apart, it felt really strange (I was making about 250-500$). It felt like I lost a job. I had to do everything to make more money and give my family the life they deserve. One day, I realized that all is fine, and no matter what, the next day I knew what I had to do. Instead of feeling awful about it, I’ve decided to work at home, for myself. 

It turns out, that the end of my business was the best thing that ever happened to me. Without strict working hours, I could commit myself fully to my online activity and build my business in the way that allows me to spend more time with my family.




Ted, an entrepreneur with a character. Just like that. I was born and brought up in a countryside; my home was modest. In my professional career, which started about twenty years ago, I went through a lot of different fields. They allowed me to shape my identity. Even military service was an excellent experience and a lesson, that helped  me later in life. People often search for their path, I searched as well. What is interesting, it wasn’t all that great in the beginning.  

How it began

Before I found out what business is and how to create it, I learned hard work as a construction worker, simoultaneously working on the tomato field in Italy, picking blueberries in Sweden, or doing construction work in the USA. I also worked in the warehouse, as a forklift operator, I was also a truck driver. But deep inside, I always wanted to achieve something more than a minimum wage. So I came up with an idea to become my own boss. My perseverance turned out to be particularly useful and allowed me to start working on my own account very soon. And so my adventure with marketing and sales started in 2004. In the beginning it wasn’t easy, but my will to achieve a success was so strong that there no boundries for me. I could and I did do probably everything and went through dozens of workshops.

Books make you great


After reading books about personal development, I wanted to learn from the best. So then in 2004 I read my first books on the subject, such as Poor Dad Rich Dad by Robert Kiyosaki or The Parable of the Pipeline by Burke Hedges. Then I started to think to myself that I want to do this as well; I want to become an investor and I want a passive income. I started from selling telecommunication services, then retirement plans, investment funds, and I could go on and on. Few years later, in the center of the city, where I was giving loans, credits, and was a real estate agent, I started investing in the real estate myself. It was partially my deram come true. 

Hard work and earn the first million


I had also run a holiday center near the lake for several years, but I didn’t achieve the success I assumed or deramed of. That’s why I decided to take one step further. In the meantime I started my adventure as a claims agent for the road accidents. My hard work paid off, this is when I made my first million, and then the second one and so on… Unbelievable? But it’s true. I did this without connections or a well-known name. Just work, work, and even more work. I made my way out of the void, debts, and I could improve myself further. For all these years, I went through different network marketings, gained experience, and learned from the world’s best such as Robert Kiyosaki, whom I met and had the opportunity to eat a dinner with him. 🙂 And I’ve read his bestseller book ten years ago.

Above it all, I learned from Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Mateusz Grzesiak, Brian Tracy, Paweł Jan Mróz, Jakub B. Bączek, Andy Harrington and many others. I am still an entrepreneur who invests in various assets. My buisness experience baggage is huge, however, we can chat about it drinking coffee. Remember one thing, experience is not something you can buy for any price, but it is something you will need, and you can use it to make any amount of money in the world, and meet awesome people on the way. And I know, that you can also make your derams come true, with us…

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